The pharmaceutical industry is a major global employer, investor and valued player in the healthcare sector. Effectively leveraging potential partnerships across all sectors is essential if we are to improve the public's health in a deliverable and cost-effective manner.


The Pharmaceutical Care Network of Europe (PCNE) has recently redefined Pharmaceutical Care as "The pharmacist's contribution to the care of individuals in order to optimise medicines use and improve health outcomes"This goes beyond ensuring that the right medicine reaches the right patient at the right time and is used in the right way to achieve the desired outcomes, a challenge in itself, but there are opportunities to innovate and educate to improve patient-centred care pathways and outcomes.


We continue to develop a range of innovative tools to support patients ownership of their treatment and improve adherence. One example is the scratchcard developed with Pfizer (see download below). This is available in the UK through


MH Associates complies with relevant codes of conduct and legislation for confidentiality including market research; e.g. ABPI and BHBIA (UK)


MH Associates can help the industry understand the evolving healthcare landscape and leverage the benefits and opportunities of partnership working with the pharmacy sector but also consider the needs of the sector in relation to supporting adherence, routes to patients, market launch and access.


Getting More Out Your Medicines Scratchcard
This patient tool is designed to empower patients to seek advice and support from pharmacists in order to understand their treatment and get more out of them through improved adherence and healthier lifestyles.
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